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College life…

Yesterday was the last official day of our college (B.E.) lives…I’m feelin’ kinda sad. I wrote the following poem dedicated to all my classmates and friends:

Never Same Again

I don’t know how these past few years flew,
But one thing is true,
And I say this with a lot of pain.
Things are never gonna be the same again.
I’m gonna miss rushing to class at 8.15,
And trying to eat in class without being seen.
I’m gonna miss talking to you friends everyday,
And the jokes and the pranks that we did play.
I’m gonna miss hanging out with you guys, especially the treats,
So many of us sitting around in the seats,
Talking away to glory,
And each telling many a story.
I’m gonna miss the fun when we were trekking,
With so many dark tunnels and even the bridges creaking,
I’m gonna miss the dancing at the campfire,
I’m gonna miss crossing the river (which was like a quagmire).
I’m also gonna miss the lecturers,
Who more than often bored us
But we still had so much fun with them in class,
We never could realize how the time did pass.
I’m gonna miss sitting in the OAT
Making fun of each other and laughing so loudly.
I’m gonna miss that carefree life
As Bryan Adam says it cuts like a knife, but no, it doesn’t feel so right.
I may not be a good poet but I had this much to say,
Let us not forget each other after today.
I wish this college life never ends,
Life is so great with all of you, my friends.
— g2swaroop