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Byte parts

I’ve been working on restructuring my book and split it into Part I – The Language and Part II – The Libraries. I am designing it such that readers can learn the language from Part I and be happy. Whenever they need to do more stuff such as GUI and databases using Python, then they can refer the appropriate chapters in Part II and get started on their programs. Of course, any interested reader can just read from cover to cover and be happy  :)

This also means that I will be adding chapters on GUI and databases to the book (What? You didn’t get the hint??) – I’ve already started writing a database chapter and started on the DB API. There’s also another secret weapon that I am including in that chapter :D – something that surely raised my eyebrows when I first read about it and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. It’s just one of the things that highlights the strengths of Python. I will keep you in suspense about it- you can read about it in the upcoming version 1.21 .