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Byte of Python is now a wiki

In a recent discussion on the byte-of-python list, an enthusiastic bunch of people were interested in seeing A Byte of Python available as a wiki so that readers can contribute directly as well.

So, I followed up and made this announcement on the list recently :

Hello all,

As we have discussed, suggestions that Byte of Python should be converted to
a wiki garnered enthusiastic responses. I’ve finished converting the book to
the wiki and is available at
http://swaroopch.info/text/Byte_of_Python:Main_Page .

There are some Todos I’ve sprinkled across the book which I will be working
on in the coming weeks. Few readers have taken the trouble in pointing out
how to export a book from the wiki as well. Once I can work on the todos,
I’ll work on a downloadable version.

A good advantage of the wiki is that my turn-around time to suggestions from
readers have improved. For example, a user pointed out that ESR is not the
one who coined the term ‘open source’ and I corrected it on the wikibook
within 2 minutes.

If you want to add/remove/improve any text in the book, please feel free to
register as a user on the wiki and start editing. However, if you only want
to read the book, there is no need to register.

Help about how to use the MediaWiki is available at
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents .