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BangPypers meet on Saturday

If you live in Bangalore (or happen to be in Bangalore the day after tomorrow) and want to learn about the Python programming language, join us at the BangPypers meet on Saturday! Its going to be a fun day. What’s gonna happen? Here it is:

What: Bangalore Python February Meetup


  • "Introduction to Python" by Swaroop CH (Newbie track)
  • "Functional programming using Python" by Pradeep Kishore (Introductory level)
  • "Generators & generator expressions" by Anand Pillai   (Introductory-Intermediate level)

When: Saturday, February 19 at 4:30PM

Where: ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, 6th Floor, Tower D, Corporate Block Diamond District, Airport Road, Bangalore.

Directions: Thoughtworks is on  6th floor of Diamond district, which itself is a popular land mark in Airport Road. It is right at the Airport Road-Indiranagar 100 feet Road- Inner Ring Road junction.

We will be having about 45 mins talk on each session followed by 15-30 mins of discussions. All the sessions will be informal and we will probably have a mini BoF session after the talks.

Please do RSVP your presence for the meetup if you are coming (We need to request the Thoughtworks guys for a big enough room).

Update : Updated details of the meet in the group.