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Announcing Flex Builder on Linux

Now presenting the alpha of the Flex Builder IDE on
(this was announced at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference). You can now
create Flex projects, write code with intellisense-like hinting,
compile and debug all within an IDE based on Eclipse, on Linux. You
heard it right, it’s officially supported by Adobe. Download it

The future direction of Flex Builder on Linux depends mostly on
community feedback. Yes, seriously. So please do write in your
even if it is just “works well” or “it sucks”. Why is this important?
The more the feedback, the more thought will be given to the product.
This is how things work in Adobe (as far as I’ve seen). So again,
voice your opinion on what you think of Flex Builder on Linux, and
what you’d like to see and not see in it.

Disclosure: I am part of this project. I mostly handled the
Linuxisms in the IDE functionality.

Update : Lots of feedback and comments (good to see that it’s mostly positive) on Digg, Slashdot and ZDNet. There’s also a video of the actual announcement put online by Peter Elst.