Alleppey and a question on how to travel

Every time I go travelling within India, I have noticed that the foreigners always seem to find the best spots – whether it is hidden beaches in Goa or amazing lake-side guest houses as I noticed in a recent getaway to a houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala. “How do they do that?” was a question that lingered in my head for a long time after that.

One hypothesis I came up with is that there are two reasons:

  • They spend money on the travel itself and go cheapskate on accommodation. Exactly opposite to what a typical Indian does.
  • They travel for longer number of days, so they take their time in landing at a place, exploring it and then seeking accommodation.

I was not really sure this was true because, in hindsight, I didn’t speak to any of these foreigners, I could have just asked them!

But it seems to be true to some extent from this tip by Ryan Estrada on how to travel cheaply:

Don't book in advance when you're travelling


P.S. A few photos from Alleppey:


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Jamie Larson