All your machines are belong to us

I have a Windows laptop and a Linux desktop at office, and I had this
problem of interoperating between the two machines. That’s when I
installed a neat utility called
Synergy. Now, I can copy some text
to the clipboard in the laptop and paste it to my browser running on
the desktop.

Then, I discovered yet another nifty feature – when I move my mouse
cursor beyond the left edge of the desktop screen, the mouse moves to
the laptop (you can configure this for any edge). What’s useful is
that I can fully use the mouse and the keyboard and do almost anything
(yes, alt-tab works) on the laptop, and remember, all this from the
keyboard connected to the desktop.

What a thoughtful piece of software.

Tip of the hat to Vikram for telling me
about this software.

Update: For those who didn’t get it, the title was alluding to the
phrase “All your base are belong to

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Jamie Larson