A Blogful of Work

The blogosphere is full of news about Mark Jen getting fired from Google for blogging. Zawodny has the full scoop.

The part that interested me the most is what Jeremy Cole had to say about it. I have been unknowingly following his three rules on what (and what not) to blog about work.

Also, Zawodny says:

Aside for the normal agreements that one signs as a Yahoo employee, we have no
additional policies or rules about blogging. But we’re working on something: a set of
guidelines that are very much in line with those used by Sun Microstems. The idea is
to let all employees know that it’s okay to blog about life at Yahoo, as long as you’re
smart about it.

My take: There have been so many moments for me where I discover something cool that’s happening at Yahoo and I go ‘Damn! I wish I could blog about this’… in fact, I could easily write two or three sentences about the upcoming stuff right here… but I would get fired as well. So, I’ll control myself.

P.S. Its been so many days since I last played foozball with my colleagues that I have lost touch of it ; and the guys in the next cubicle are getting better and better at the guitar everyday… also I’m getting spoilt by the sweets/chocolates that are at somebody’s desk or the other….

Update : Russell has a tip for new Yahoo employees ;)

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