My new cycle - Trek 3700

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After 5 years of riding my "Hercules Wow" bicycle, I decided to upgrade to a Trek 3700 bicycle.

I bought my cycle from Bums on the Saddle, and if you're considering cycling, I definitely recommend that you talk to them, they're some of the most knowledgeable guys about cycling!

Many of my observations about cycling still hold true, but thanks to efforts such as Go Green, GoCycle and Namma Cycle, things are getting better.

For any errand or meeting people that is in the vicinity of my home, say 4-5 km, I tend to take the cycle, and this has made life much easier in the age of the vanishing parking spots, increasing petrol prices, decreasing health and increasing health costs.

On the other side of cycling, I already did a 55 km cycling ride to Sarjapur town and back with a couple of best friends. Never thought that a sport could bring us closer together.

Bottom line : Getting out of the four walls and away from the three screens is a good thing. Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the place around you. Bangalore has changed so much and I have realized that I have started to notice more things when I'm cycling, because you're not zooming fast and because a bit of physical effort will cool down your hyperactive email/sms-hungry senses to be peaceful enough to listen and observe.



cruisemaniac says:

Congrats on the new purchase...

I know I'm digressing... but 3 screens? o_0

Swaroop says:

@cruisemanic "The PC, the Phone and the TV" :-)

Azeem says:

Congrats !
I am also planning buying a bicycle for riding in the city of Hyderabad.
No plans for trekking.
My budget is to keep it below 10k rs.
What do you suggest?

Swaroop says:

@Azeem As I mentioned, you should talk to the Bums on the Saddle folks, they will advise you regarding bicycles in your budget :)

Onkar says:

Congratulations. Looks like 3700 is one of the most popular Trek model.

I read your old post and may of the points you have written with my post. :-) -

Swaroop says:

@Onkar Similar experiences :)

Chaitanya says:

Looks good. How much did this cost to you?

Swaroop says:

@Chaitanya It costed ~19K INR.

@vijay750 says:

@swaroopch dude that photo of you is not flattering! Was the bike worth the upgrade?

@koolhead17 says:

@swaroopch woahh!!! One of my dream bike. Can`t think of having it in Chennai weather.

@suniljagadish says:

@swaroopch That is a nice ride. Happy biking!

@AbhinavSahai says:

@swaroopch Interestingly lots of people are buying a cycle these days! even @rahuldewan bought one last week #Cycling

@AbhinavSahai says:

@swaroopch Great! and that bike looks quite cool !