Statistics to wow non-techies about digital future

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A common question I get from non-techies is "Is ecommerce for real? Do people really buy online?"

My line of argument is that the future is digital, and hence buying online is a natural consequence of that.

However, just saying that was not convincing enough. So I gathered some statistics as proof and to wow them:

Closer to home:

Then there always is the trump card of how ubiquitous online ticketing has become...

As you can see, digital is happening in India and with RBI reporting that 35% of transactions (and 88% of the total amount) were electronic and Cash on Delivery slowly happening, how far will ecommerce be behind?

How would you convince someone that the future is digital and that ecommerce will be big in India?


Arjun says:

Some points I use to convince people about eCommerce in India:

I buy all my books online

I bought a mobile phone online

I buy all my travel tickets online (Air, Rail, Bus)

My online transactions range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 20000

I know at least 50 people with similar online spending :)

The use of 'I' is key as non-tech folks generally ask 'who' is using these services.

Good stats, would be even better with more Indian transaction numbers.

Swaroop says:

@Arjun Good point about "who"! I couldn't find more Indian numbers :( , could use some help on that!

Swaroop says:

Added two more statistics about 3G growth in India and about internet contribution to India's GDP.

Kumar Shorav says:

Nice Stats:

As about "who uses internet"

I book all my travel tickets: air, rail, road online
I pay all my bills online: Phone, Electricity, Credit Card, DTH

This is about me who makes his living from internet but from but in last few months my parents (who till recently didn't know how to switch a computer) learned the computer so that they can too make these transactions online.

"Who" is increasing at an exponential rate.

Nitin says:

There are no such doubts here :)
Most transactions in the US happen online... Buying, selling, bookings, check ins... everything
In fact you get lot better prices if you buy things online!
Online stores don't have the overhead of paying rents for the shops, etc and all the money saved here usually appear as online discounts for online customers