Common activities means better friends

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If you want to make new friends, there is no use in just saying hi to people, something of value should be exchanged or there should be a common activity. That's when they become friends. Real friends.

I've added a page on my wiki to list the type of common activities possible in India right from cycling to movie appreciation. Let me know if I can add more variety to the given mix of activities. I'm interested in figuring out what activities do people take up.


Girish says:

Meeting very often & supporting each other

Sridhar says:

I love, which has groups for all the activities you mentioned above plus a lot more..
Apart from hiking meets, I meet a lot of really interesting people during photography meetups.. and sometime just 20/30s meetups where people are just out for a game of laser tag or paint ball.

animesh says:

how about gyming ?

Swaroop says:

@Girish That is how traditional friends are made, but I believe that a common activity will make that bond even more strong.

@Sridhar: Good tips!

@Animesh: Yes, that's a possibility, but it's difficult in that environment because of more focus on time spent and hence lesser interactions.

Priyanka says:

You forgot music. Like thinkers and enthusiasts generally meet in/after classes to discuss more and probably jam in !