Career Advice

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There have been many times where I've been asked for "career advice", especially after a talk. I usually suggest them to 'build a repertoire of things you have done, things you are capable of, things you like to do'. But I've never really been sure of this advice nor do I feel I have the credibility to answer such questions.

The good thing is that I have now found something to point them to - Garr Reynolds' presentation on a career advice book. This presentation explain things very well and is so beautifully done that it can capture the attention of a young mind:

The other resource I have found useful is Aaron Swartz's "How to Get a Job Like Mine".

Cultivating a good career is like creating the Mona Lisa. The right tools and strategies will only get you partway there - the soul of the artist is necessary to create something worthwhile.

-- Steve Pavlina