How to recognize an American tourist

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True story.

On Day 7 of my Singapore trip (Dec 28, 2007), Chinmay and myself were at 'The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf' shop. The lady in front of us in the queue said this. When we heard this, both of us looked at each other, with the look that meant "Did I just hear that right?", and then we burst into laughter.

P.S. Oh, and this is my first ToonDoo. ToonDoo has way too many bugs, it took me one attempt to create the comic strip, but 15 min of 4-5 attempts to actually get it to save properly. Even now, the text cloud in the first panel is in the wrong direction even though it was proper when creating it.


Patrix says:

Nice. I too had wondered about the same but yes to whipped cream and no to whole milk has few other reasons. Low fat milk generally doesn't have the added hormones that whole milk does and women try to avoid that because it results in sprouting of facial hair. Now that made sense.

Bill Mill says:

Any self-respecting American would say takeout or "to go", but the punch line is right on.

Swaroop says:

@Umang: This was in Singapore. I've edited the post to clarify that.

Rajendran says:

Thanks for using ToonDoo in your blog, to express in one picture what would have taken thousand words otherwise!

Sorry to hear though that you had trouble with ToonDoo, particularly the text-box positioning.

We have fixed it now, and a few other bugs too, and as many as 600 ToonDoos get created at ToonDoo daily.

Please check back again, and add to the raging fun at ToonDoo!

And, moreover, hang on for two other feature-announcements coming up in the next ten days, at ToonDoo!

"Cartooning on the web will never be the same again!", like they say!

rambhai says:

haha that real funny mate~~~the pizza with low fat extra cheese was even more funnier~~~i will try that at dominoes the next time i visit there

Umang says:

Where is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company in Bangalore?

Haha... Bill, you're right about "to go".
The first time I was asked whether I'd like my pizza to go in the USA, my bewildered response was "Go where?" to a much amused waitress.

PizzaDude says:

Its like Rachel, when she orders "Pizza with fat-free crust and extra-cheese" :))

Raseel says:

Hahahaha !!! Hilarious !!! Also, it was great to discover ToonDoo.

t3rmin4t0r says:

I ? stripcreator ... And for the record, I've heard Premshree put this on order at Denny's in Sunnyvale.

P: I'll have a side of bacon, eggs scrambled and a diet coke.

Premshree Pillai says:

I actually don't find anything wrong with this. I often eat french fries and light mayo -- the point to note here is where you're willing to compromise. When I need fries, I need it -- but I can do with light mayo. Know what I mean?