ion and the police

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Note: I no longer work with IonLab since Nov 12 of 2009.

This incident happened about three weeks ago when the preparations for ion were in full swing, and Vikram and myself worked all day long to create the posters for ion as well as the website itself. At one point, we realized that we were spending most of our time in choosing just the color and placement of text, and we spent some 20+ min just to decide the font of the apostrophe in "plug 'n play"!

At around 6 o' clock, we were dead tired (at least I was, Vikram said he had never seen so lazy before) and decided to go get the posters printed but I didn't want to, so he suggested instead to go for the new place that he went for cycling to recently. We went by bike through a zig-zag maze of roads and after 3-4 km, suddenly ended up in a place which seemed to be deserted! It was a new layout being formed by destroying the hill and the greenery, the signs of urbanization marked by destruction, the green being replaced by the grey (concrete).

We climbed up the rocks, just sat down there in the darkness and we had a long discussion about random things and sometimes deep things. Then, we noticed there was a huge reddish moon in the sky. Simply beautiful. I was taking photographs.

on the hill at night on the hill at night

Then, we discovered the 'frames' option in my phone which adds frames around a person's head and we have varieties of options to choose. It was fun.

on the hill at night

Then, we heard a shout from below "yaaradu, keLagade banni." It was cops. I had the light of the mobile phone switched on to take photographs and that light had attracted them. Uh oh. Vikram said we're gonna have a little trouble but said nothing to be afraid about since we haven't done anything illegal or wrong. The cop who talking to us was drunk and was smoking a cigarette. The other cop was on the bike and was silent.

The first cop started abusing us on why we have parked the bike here and settled on top of a hill. Vikram said sir please look there. The cop thought something serious and started looking around. Again, same thing. Third time, Vikram said "chandra noDi saar." I was thinking "Dude, you're asking a drunk furious cop to 'see the moon'!"

The cop got enraged and shouted why we can't watch it from our homes instead. Vikram said that we're tired from working all day and we wanted to get some fresh air, so we came here. Cop said go to parks. Inspired by Vikram, I said "saar, all benches are full, so many people, that's why we came here." Following his cue, I was also laughing and smiling, so the cops didn't think we were pulling their legs but simply that's how we were. Vikram said he was ready to go to the police station because we've done nothing wrong. The second cop realized that we meant no harm and when he asked not to come this side again and stay here after 6.30 pm, we said we didn't know it was such an unsafe area, so agreed to not come this side again except for mornings.

The first cop was not satisfied, and wrote down my bike's number. He asked Vikram for his mobile number and home number and he gave completely false numbers. Later, he said that you should never give your correct details to such drunk cops, if we were at the police station, then give correct details but not in other situations, you never know what these drunk cops would do. He went on to explain that you should never be afraid of cops, that is a wrong notion that we have. He said the cop was right in what he was doing because if there were actual thugs in the hill, then such way of addressing will push them to reveal what they were actually doing or at least shake them. He said that it is wrong for us to teach kids to stay away from cops because in a real emergency, they'll hesitate to approach the cops whereas they shouldn't.

At any point, we meant no disrespect to the cop, he was just doing his job and rightly so, it's just that we had to show that we meant no harm.

Then the first cop asked Vikram to call up his home to talk to his dad, the cop told his dad that we're on top of a hill and in an area where there is no civilization for 2 km around, and his dad said that he's always on top of hills, the cop advised not to come by again and said there have been murders in this area before.

Finally, the cop let us go. We had a long laugh on the way back.


Prathap says:

Third time, Vikram said “chandra noDi saar.�

Good one. Couldn't stop myself laughing :D

Azmi says:

Which place is this.

sudhir says:

ROFL =))

Manish Jethani says:

the first cop asked Vikram to call up his home to talk to his dad

Why, is Vikram a minor? Or was the cop retarded? Let me guess: it's the second one! (Right? Right?)

Vikram Chadaga says:

I still remember the whole thing and laugh!!! :)) nice write-up dude!!! :)

Swaroop says:

@Prathap, @Sudhir, @Vikram: :)

@Azmi : Somewhere near Thiruvalli

@Manish : We were laughing and grinning so much, that it looked like we weren't serious about anything, so I guess that's why he wanted to speak to parents...