Sights of a little town

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Holenarsipura_016 Holenarsipura_002 Holenarsipura_024 Holenarsipura_027

Holenarsipura_033 Holenarsipura_042


Holenarsipura_047 Holenarsipura_001

I visited my "native place" Holenarsipura after a gap of one year... it felt good to be back in a little town. Better yet, was getting out of the house at 5.30 am to go for a run, get distracted by a huge green field, and then cross the field to sit by a beautiful lake and return home after 3 hours.

More photos in this Flickr set.


Prashanth M says:

Beautiful photos...

lakshmi narayana says:

.....janmabhumisha swargadapi gariyssi... By visiting native place one get's heavenly joy. People attach to their birth place so much that no other place on the earth provides such a joy. It keeps haunting us so much that we cannot help visiting once a year.The friends, relatives and neigbours of our native place remain in our thought for life time. One must be very lucky to have frequent chances to visit it.
Thank you very much for providing a nostalgic experience. Your photographic eye is excellent. The photos remind us the unpolluted Indian rural beauty. Very fine if you include some more details. Thank you.

Sowraba says:

Nice seeing the snaps one can imagine the beauty over there.