Touch of a computer

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Jeff Han's "touch-driven computer screen" is so cool. That would make things so much easier to organize my photos, heh. But I wonder how ergonomic it would be since we will have to be looking down at the screen all the time and it would not be at the eye level.

I can imagine how editing of home movies would be so much easier with this, and of course more interesting games. It would also mean no keyboard and no mouse.

Then Apple brings some design fu into this... and lo, the iPhone. The interesting thing is that they have 200+ patents on it, will anybody else be able to do a multi-touch interface? Relatedly, I wonder how Steve Jobs can argue that DRM is bad while patents are okay...


Pramod Biligiri says:

Even I was blown away by this when I saw it a few months ago. After I saw the iPhone launch, I knew we would get to see this in action soon.

Btw, there's this part in the video where he says, "We should have a couple of these in the Google lobby". I wonder if they've bought it now :)

t3rmin4t0r says:

"touch driven" puts a new terror to RSI ...

And I suppose you've seen my blog post about Steve Jobs.

Swaroop says:

@Pramod : True, it's a perfect compliment to the lava lamps.

@t3rmin4tor : Yeah, he's the master manipulator.