My first Adsense cheque

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After opening a strange envelope with a Sweden stamp on it, I was holding my first Google Adsense cheque.

My First Google Adsense cheque Adsense from Sweden

Not only did I get money, but later in the day, Google (Mail) gave me career advice as well:




Pradeep says:

Google entices me with Python jobs almost everyday ...
but of course no adsense cheque to sweeten the deal though :p

Swaroop says:

@Pradeep : Maybe I have not noticed it before, but there's been a spurt of such ads from adsense now, and yes, it has started asking about python expertise as well, heh.

Karthik says:

HEy Bussy Congrads...

Where the Treat for that ? :)

Raghavendra says:

Awsome....great!!! Google is definately a nice place for a guy like u man!!