PowerBook for sale

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Anybody interested in buying my PowerBook?

PowerBook for sale

The only reason to sell it is because I hardly use it any more, even though it's in perfect working condition.

For those interested, I might throw in my copy of iWork for free (which costs a separate $79).

To recap on the features:

It is a 12" Powerbook with Mac OS X 10.4.8 Tiger. It has a 1.5 GHz RISC processor (apparently, equivalent to a 3GHz CISC processor such as Intel/AMD ones) with 512 MB DDR RAM, 60 GB hard disk, Combo drive which can read DVDs and write CDs, a GeForce video card with 64 MB dedicated video RAM, Airport Extreme for wireless networking, Bluetooth built-in, very clear speakers, keyboard with big keys, and much more.

Update : Sold!


r says:

How much are you expecting?

G.Vijay Karthik says:

May I get ur contact number, so that I can quote for the price.

Chadaga... says:

Dude... first u quit yahoo... then u are selling you powerbook... whats happening? hehehe.... just kidding ;)

niara says:

What??? Whatever for? And now you tell me!

G.Vijay Karthik says:

Hey I'm interested in exploring the powerbook. So could you please quote me the price?

Swaroop says:

@R, @VijayKarthik : I have emailed you regarding this.

@Niara, @Chadaga : Maybe I'm going away to become a sanyasi :-P

Pradeep says:

haa! lakshmanaa!!

Dont ask me why the particular phrase.

But you get the sadness I feel ;)

sharninder says:

And what would the asking price be ?

Nitin says:

How much are you expecting Swaroop?

vinay says:

How much are u expecting for the laptop Swaroop?

steven says:

a cool pc
I love apple
How much are u expecting for the laptop?
I'm living in China,

Swaroop says:

@Sharninder, Nitin, Vinay, Steven : The Powerbook is sold. Thanks for your interest :)