Marathon postponed

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The Bangalore Marathon has been postponed from May 14 to September, 2006.

This is so disappointing.

I had not participated in last year's marathon because I wasn't fit for it, but I had made up my mind to participate this year. So, I've been training with a couple of friends. Our plan was to prepare for the half marathon.

Today morning, I ran 21 km in 2.5 hours, the second time in the past month, and it felt great. Too bad, I have to wait till September to run in the actual marathon.


Akshay Surve says:

Hey, 2.5 hrs is a pretty good effort and considering that you have done it twice I feel you should surely GO for the Full Marathon.

I participated in SC Mumbai Marathon 2006 (Half-Marathon) and completed it in 2:37 mins. I only had a month to practise for the marathon... and I guess I used it well ;-)

It was only once that I ran for 11 km at a strech during my practise, but then I ran 21 km in my 'mind' many time... which got me through.

I am sure you can go for 42km considering ur present timming, u have already done half marathon twice in this month and that you still hav the time.

Hope to see a post soon of you deciding to go for the full marathon.

All the Best.

Ankur says:

keep up the good work ...

Swaroop says:

@Akshay : Thanks for the encouragement. Now that we have more than 4 months for the marathon, we most likely will end up going for the full marathon :-). Have you done the full marathon?

@Ankur : Thanks.

Rohith V says:

I ran at the last year's marathon. It was amazing fun. Rediscovered part of my body :). I want to take part in this as well as my motivation in the last year event was so stupid . I ran for the T-shirt which Aztec was giving :). This time, I want to run for the cause. Hope I am fit then.

Akshay Surve says:

@Swaroop: Never did a full marathon... bt not sure wats there in the future for me ..... ME never thought wud tak part in the half marathon.. :p

Swaroop says:

@Rohith : Hehe, then I'll look forward to see you at this year's marathon :-)

@Akshay : All the best!

Ataulla Khan says:

HI every one,
My name is Ataulla khan from Mumbai, Frist of all I would like to congratulate all the marathon runner who have participated in the run because participating in the event means you have already achived your targate, I am running in these kind of event since last four years, I have Particated in the 42 km run in the SCMM 2004,2005,2006 and now i will be competing in the 2007 marathon , and wishing all the runner all the best who have participated in this event .

i would like to say ALL THE BEST and happy runnnig.


Hemant Mehta says:

Hey guys,

Ull rock man.... 42 km is indeed a testing target. I managed a 21 km this year in SCMM. I finished in 2.43 hr. This was my first half marathon... I look forward to do a 42 km in 2008.... THis would take atleast 4-5 months of training period.. I would like to know if its fine to run long distances in these summers... i.e above 15 km... I did this on humid day... But the body jus gave up and was out of action for 7 days...... I have also been tryin to cut my weight..... But I think running is not helping me drastically.... Even though I managed to cut around 6 kgs in past 4 months.... Any suggestions from u guys?