Ex-Yahoos start up

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Himanshu Nautiyal, Ruban Phukan and Rajesh Warrier - three ex-yahoos from Bangalore, who now call themselves as RHR Networks Pvt. Ltd, seem to be dabbling in quite a number of things :

It's great to see these guys doing a Bangalore startup!


t3rmin4t0r says:

The next bubble ?

Himanshu Nautiyal says:

Thanks for writing about us, Swaroop!

I look forward to seeing more of our friends doing startups especially since it is so easy/cheap these days - even the little guy can use the India cost advantage!

Swaroop says:

@Himanshu : All the best for your ventures. They seem to be making waves!

Interesting writeup. Definitely gives food for thought :-)

srikanth says:

Another startup in the making. http://picsquare.com

Startups.in says:

Way to go. Should be seeing more Startups in the near future.

Nag @

Bangalore Startups « Srikanth Thunga says:

[...] Let me come to the point. There have been a slew of startups coming up in Bangalore. One has been a photo printing portal started by 2 IITians (http://picsquare.com). Some ex yahoo startups as posted by Swaroop (http://www.swaroopch.info/archives/2006/04/13/ex-yahoos-start-up/). There is a little trend here. Most of these startups are web based startups. All these startups also seem to have taken ideas from somewhere and executing them on the Indian market. This is still good as the success comes with proper execution than with a cool idea, atleast in the webspace. [...]

Ujjal Gautam says:

Dear Ruban and colleagues
It was nice to read about you all. All the best. Bhaiti told that a newspaper coverage has come on your business venture. Please send me the link if possible, I couldnot get it. Have a great time.

(Ruban's brother in law)

Rahul says:

Its exciting to see people venturing for startups. as some one told people shud start venturing in domains other than webspace which is really challenging ,if one is looking for the latter.

anyways best of luck for all of them.

A.Balachandran says:

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