Dreamer to Dapper

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I hereby announce the coinage of "The Dappers Rule"*.

* assuming we live up to the principle ourselves ;-).

Do anything with full josh and full hosh -- Swaroop


Anush Shetty says:

Coooool !!!!!
So what are all you planning under this ?


Swaroop says:

@Anush : There are no exacts as of now, but even if there was, as a friend said, it is _indocilis privata loqui_ i.e. "not apt to disclose".

Ravishankar says:

I have been following this DP method for a few months now, though i have not keyed any term "Dapper" for it. I think Dapping is cool :)

srid says:

What is it?

Swaroop says:

@Ravishankar : Great. All the best with what you are doing :-)

@Sridhar : What is what?

Rk says:

All the best.....btw I have somewhat diagonally opposite thoughts...determined about being NOT determined and so on..basically a "give-up" theory !!