Sunrise at Devarayanadurga

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![95657707][Small][] ![95658236][Small][] ![95658754][Small][] ![95659236][Small][] ![95659475][Small][] ![95659647][Small][]

![95659705][Small][] ![95659807][Small][] ![95659883][Small][] ![95659994][Small][] ![95660140][Small][] ![95660206][Small][] ![95660266][Small][] ![95660401][Small][] ![95660482][Small][] ![95660645][Small][] ![95661020][Small][] ![95661155][Small][] ![95661314][Small][] ![95662018][Small][]


Noorul says:

Mmmmm, the last one shows your photographic skills ;)
All the others are also good. But I like the last one the most.

Pramod Biligiri says:

Awesome! really, *really* nice!
I don't know one bit about photography, but the photos convey how beautiful the experience must have been.