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I wish my helmet had built-in speakers and I could just plug in my iPod (or any mp3 player) into it.


srid says:

well, you can -

Swaroop says:

@Sridhar: Yeah right!

Nitin says:

I guess the rite person to contact for this is Badri. He had a similar idea during college days.

We used to travel to college together on bikes and we always wore helmets! This made it really difficult to hear it out when we talked to each other. So Badri had come up with an idea of installing speakers on both our helmets along with mics in front.

This concept never took shape tho. Wish it had!

Swaroop says:

@Nitin : True, Badri would have a go at this, given the chance. Maybe next time he comes down to Bangalore ...

Helmet Modifications « thÅ•attle says:

[...] They can have internal speakers like this guy suggests. One can hear all the favourite music all through the ride. You may want to have a FM receiver there? Or connect to ur portable music player. [...]