Dakshina Kannada Police

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I would've never expected to see the Dakshana Kannada Police blogging. They have updates on the ZP/TP election results. Also, they have entries in Kannada.

(via Sharath)


Pradeep Kishore Gowda says:

This is a very interesting development.
And a positive one too.

Three cheers to Mr.Dayanand,IPS for this endeavour. Hope this will get support from all those people who bemoan the lack of participation and transparency from Police department.

Bloggers should encourage such participation.

I hope Mr. Dayanand will go beyond just reporting and share with us his personal experience in law enforcement,
and career as an IPS officer. There are a lot of youngsters who want to persue the civil services, but get "sidetracked" to follow other,popular careers for the lack of guidance and visible "heroes".

praveen says:

Well..At the outset I feel proud to be a Mangalorean..

Thats the power of DAKSHINA KANNADA.....

Swaroop says:

@Pradeep: Yes, that's a good point. Visible heroes are missing.