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After reading some good reviews about Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor album, I bought the CD at Planet M today.

I had installed Kubuntu 5.10 (breezy) recently and have been hooked to it. I especially like the way it has good support for restricted formats, and the Ubuntu wiki helped me fix the jerky DVD playback as well.

Coming back to Madonna, I followed the normal routine... I popped in the CD, KsCD opened up, and started playing 'Hung Up', the first song in the CD. Konqueror also opened up and showed me the CD contents, and surprisingly, I see a folder called Ogg Vorbis and there are .ogg files inside! Just to make sure I'm not seeing things, I copied over the ogg files and played it in Amarok.


It seems KDE shows an Ogg folder and a FLAC folder view for any Audio CD, from where you can copy the "songs" and KDE will automatically convert it into Ogg/FLAC respectively on-the-fly when you copy it to your hard disk. How's that for ease of use?


Now, back to my deadlines ...


Diabolic Preacher says:

seen this feature of KDE quite some time back when i was trying Debian for first time and saw the folders containing the ogg files for tracks as well as ogg file for the full album. due to a h/w problem the digital output of the audio cd doesn't play thru both speakers, so this is one easy way to get the proper sound...lazy i must add. :)

Swaroop says:

@DP: Yep, that's a good way to be able to play the CDs without an audio wire.

@Julian: Yeah, I agree with your opinion on standard Ubuntu vs Kubuntu. Firefox used to look like crap but a different theme made it look okay. Although, in general, I like Kubuntu.

I tried running the Kubuntu Live CD on my PowerBook, but my PowerBook refuses to recognize it as a bootable CD and doesn't do anything about it. I'm currently running Kubuntu both on my home desktop as well as office desktop.

julian says:

do you mean you would give up Mac OS X to run Kubuntu? (I know someone who runs Kubuntu perfectly fine on their ibook, btw)

doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of having a mac machine? you may as well have a cheap x86 laptop?

just wondering, what's your office IDE? does yahoo! allow you to run whatever you like?

Swaroop C H says:

@Julian: I said I was running the Live CD on the PowerBook, not the install CD ;-). Besides, it would be fun to have Linux on the PB.

Our IDE is VIM/Emacs/take your pick.

Ankit says:

Amarok simply rules! Have you tried out some of its scripts?

t3rmin4t0r says:



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