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I was pleasantly surprised to find a Bollywood Music channel ranked 60th in the Shoutcast charts. There were 384 listeners when I last saw the page.


Swati Sani says:

I find better than any current radio playing hindi songs...

Ankit Malik says:


But problem is the long queues. A few months ago, the queues were limited to one song. So you could easily select a song and just wait for 5 minutes before your song started. Right now, there are 10 songs in the queue!!!

But the best thing is the availability of new songs too! And besides I mostly share the tastes of people who request songs because I tend to like most of the songs that are in the queue! ownz

ishan says:

the best Bollywood radio in paris

the sound is very nice

Ranchan says:

the paris radio sucks... its just a lame copy of

koom says:

The best radio Bollywood and Bhangra music from paris

listen mediaplayer