Conversation in the cab

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"Yahoo is like Dravid."

"Google is like Dhoni."

"Microsoft is like Ganguly."


Vishnu Vyas says:

And the american DoJ is Greg Chappell. LOL!

Rk says:


Sudar says:

Hmm... Nice comparison. But you need to be an Indian to understand it... ;-)

Swaroop says:

@Vishnu: Well, it would fit the conversation if you perhaps compared Greg to NASSCOM? :lol:

@Rk: :-)

@Sudar: My blog is unabashedly Indian anyway.

Ankit Malik says:

Haha ! Some real nice analogies !

I thought of some more

Yuvraj Singh - Flickr/Konfabulator [photogenic]
Ashish Nehra - 404 Injury Error

Dhoni Fan says:

I love Dhoni. His shots are cool.
Great Player.