The shortest interview possible

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Anush "interviews" me.

P.S. No, I did not select that photo.


Philip says:

and I suppose no one feels like deleting the spam off that post.

Swaroop says:

It's blogspot. Spam is omnipresent.

niara says:

He could have come up with better questions. He needs to brush up on his "celebrity" interviewing skills. : )

Manu says:

I disagree! I really didn't think the professors were good, or that PESIT involved hard work. Was it really true for you?!!

Swaroop says:

@Niara: Both of us are amateurs, in case you didn't notice ;-).

@Manu: The combined forces of PES and VTU sucked the life out of me. The first year was the worst for me. Coming back to 'hard work', I never studied in B.E... Professors? I really liked Shrividya (Compiler Design) and Shailaja (Data Structures) ma'ams' classes.

niara says:

Swaroop, I did notice that. My point is, that there is nothing in the interview that lets the reader know anything about you or your projects. Some background also would help?

Swaroop says:

@Niara: You're right.