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Aamir Khan is blogging as Mangal Pandey?

Somebody pinch me, I still can't believe it. Is this for real?

(via Mekin)

Update: Scoble confirms it is authentic.


Ankit says:

Yeah...this is real! It is called Joint Publicity - MSN Spaces and Mangal Pandey. Good blog and well thought and MSN spaces is a cool tool!

Sriram says:

What can't you believe? That Aamir is blogging or that he's using MSN Spaces? ;-)

Sriram says:

Guess this is authentic. http://server1.msn.co.in/SP05/Mangalpandey/index.html links back to the original space

Swaroop says:

@Sriram: That Aamir is blogging, irrespective of where he does :) , yeah looks like it is authentic, awesome.