Cant talk in India

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The new Yahoo! Messenger 7 beta allows you to make PC-to-PC calls, just click on 'Call' and talk (to your online buddy who can be anywhere in the world) as if you are talking on a real phone, without the expense.

But VoIP is illegal in India, so we have an Indian version without that feature.



Arun says:

Yes, that sucks.

Gavri Fernandez says:

I think Yelling should be made illegal too. It eats into the Telecom monopoly's profits.

Ankit Malik says:

Hmm... Can anyone explain me why is it banned?

Oh well... I like this Beta... Skype and PhoneGAIM have got good competition now.

The only thing that irritates me is the lacking abilities of Y! Messenger for Linux. I mean no audibles, no avatars, no VOICE CHAT.

Oh yes...Gyach is there but then it still is a bit buggy...Wish Y! could create a 'full version' of Y! Messenger for Linux.

Gavri Fernandez says:

"Hmm… Can anyone explain me why is it banned?"

Because the Telecommunications industry is owned by the state, and since the state makes the rules, it has decided to outlaw VOIP so that the DoT doesn't lose its profits.

If I am wrong or over-simplifying things, please correct me. I'll be happy to know that I'm wrong and that we don't live in a fascist state.

Swaroop says:

You say it very succinctly, Gavri :)

Sandip Bhattacharya says:

Yahoo and Skype are perfectly legal. This is because they are PC-to-PC calls. What is illegal is to link a VOIP call to the PSTN network. So PSTN-to-PC and PC-to-PSTN calls are illegal.

Mayank says:

Can we expect a Linux version of Y!?

Swaroop says:

@Sandip: Aah!, Thanks for clarifying :)

@Mayank: Sorry, I can't comment on that.

Ankit Malik says:

Ankit, please understand this is my personal blog. Please do not use
it as a platform to curse Yahoo! for not doing this or not doing
that. If you want to talk to Yahoo! about Messenger, please send your
feedback using

Well, I never CURSED Yahoo. I merely commented on it not having a good messenger for Linux that REALLY WORKS.

Well, if you don't like people commenting, switch off comments or maybe pull down your blog or maybe block me from commenting.

I know my previous comment about Unix and YME was wrong but this time I didn't make any mistake by commenting.

Ankit Malik says:

There is also a difference between what I wrote and how you interprated...

What I wrote
Wish Y! could create a ‘full version’ of Y! Messenger for Linux.

What you interpreted [probably]
Curse Y! for not creating a full version of Y! Messenger for Linux. :)

Swaroop says:

@Ankit, I do not wish to argue. You're free to comment and voice your thoughts. I want to be as open as possible but there are certain limits to what I can say.

You said

> The only thing that irritates me is the lacking abilities of Y! Messenger for Linux. I mean no audibles, no avatars, no VOICE CHAT.

Yes, it irritates me too, very much. But I can't say anything "officially" about it. That's all I'm asking you to understand.

Also understand, that it is _very difficult_ to make such kind of products for Linux. A good example is the "What the Linux Desktop Needs -- or: Why an ISV shouldnt have to provide 16 different distro/version packages for his application".

Ankit Malik says:

But I never asked you to explain. It was a comment, not a question. If it was a question, I would have put a question mark.

Also understand, that it is very difficult to make such kind of products for Linux.

But if Adobe, Skype, Nero can do it; it really is surprising to know why Y! can't do it. And no, I am not asking you to explain why it can't do it. I know you are in the Buzz Project and so logically I won't be asking you Messenger stuff! It was just a comment. :-)


rixxx says:


Sreejith says:

I`ve done a chota sa review here

It`s good that calling feature is there and people use it .

See here Yahoo Never states that there`s Voice in Indian Version . And if people use it , isme Yahoo! kya kar sakta hai ;)