What is a blog

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Some of my friends, who are uninitiated to the blogosphere, know that I write a 'blog' but they still don't get what it really means.

I've achieved some success by helping them understand how to use Firefox Live Bookmarks but I am sure there must be a lot of intro articles on blogs. I just can't find any that are simple enough.


deepak says:

Are you trying to initiate them into blogging or into RSS reading? Or using the latter as a means to get them to grok the former? ;-)

Here's a [detailed visual howto on using Bloglines for feed reading](http://preetamrai.com/weblog/archives/2005/04/25/bloglines-how-to-keep-track-of-hundreds-of-blogs-and-some-news-and-some-podcasts-and-some-flickrs-photos-etc-etc/#more-287).

Swaroop says:

Thanks Deepak, that's a good article.