Yahoo Notepad as Wiki

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I'm a big fan of Yahoo! Notepad, so here's an idea to improve it :-)

I always like to write down stuff because it helps me to be a bit more organized and helps me make sure that I don't forget something. So, I end up using heavily. I usually add/delete lot of notes regularly - the reason is I try to keep consolidating the notes from more to less number of notes. One day, I got frustrated, and I setup my own private wiki in a hidden part of my website and I was using it well ; but I ended up accessing my mail, calendar and address in Y! but using a separate wiki instead of notepad. So, here's where my idea/feature request comes in... why not make Notepad wiki-like!

My suggestions:

  • Use an extremely simple syntax like Markdown. Ability to link to other notes of mine makes it so useful!

  • Give a choice of having to print either the raw format or the converted HTML format. Both choices are useful depending on the situation.

  • This gives more incentive to use Notepad. I would definitely expect more people to use Notepad if such a neat feature was provided.

  • Brings in lot of geek cred!

The basic idea, however, is to bring more structure to my notes, without significant overhead.


akbar says:

I do something like what you have mentioned. run a wiki on my own site and keep my notes updated there. but i always pine for a "tomboy" app on my desktop(gnome in my case) to be able to write back to my (specified) online wiki notes. that way, i have 2 interfaces -- 1 web based and one desktop based. i don't use yahoo notepad or messenger, but i would be a ideal solution if yahoo messenger would allow to add notes to your acct or any other specified site(highly improbable).


Swaroop C H says:

Akbar: I have wished for a Notepad tab in Messenger quite a few times! That would be an excellent feature. Food for thought.

Vikram Sujanani says:

I certainly agree.

I keep my notes on my flash drive, and carry it along where I go. In fact, I was also planning to do the same for my notes - having wiki run on a personal site.

If Yahoo wikifies its notepad I will tell all to use the wonderful feature - it makes so logical to relate things/notes

Rams says:

I was using Yahoo notes extensively - but firing up a browser and logging was proving painful. Besides the Yahoo notes search is not that great. These days I am mailing my gmail account and the notes get tagged according to filters that I have setup. The JotSpot wiki is supposed is pretty cool in this regard, though it is proprietary - it allows you to update web pages through e-mail.

One feature that would make me go back to Yahoo Notes would be addition of webdav support - that would allow me to mount my yahoo notes as a local folder using Nautilus, or kfm or even the windows explorer.

Swaroop C H says:

Vikram: Yep, I also think that a Wikified notepad would be a really killer thing.

Swaroop C H says:

Rams: Due to the nature of my job, I have a browser always open, so I don't have that overhead :)

W.r.t. GMail-notes, the disadvantage is that you cannot update your notes, which is impractical for me.

I don't think WebDAV support will ever happen. That's a business decision (half-wink).

pradeep kishore gowda says: is all you need

Noorul Islam says:

I love Emacs + PlannerMode
It is too good :)

Derek Scruggs says:

I like Akbar's suggestion. I nominate WikiPad for the client-side job ( It's proprietary now, but the developer plans to open-source it. Written in Python, so it should invite lots of hacks.

I use it all the time and would love a plug-in that auto-saves it to a wiki in the cloud.

Shantanu Oak says:

I stopped using notes when I found out that it will chop the contents, if the size of a single note is more than x KB. I think this limitation needs to be addressed.

Swaroop says:

Does it silently chop the content above the limit? That's a serious problem. In the age of [1 GB mailboxes](, 5000 characters is just pittance.

JB says:

Bumped into this while I was searching for 'obviously' better ways of jotting notes and yahoo-notpad.
Later I found that Yahoo indeed have listened to many of you.
FYI only.
May be too old news, but I just found out since I just had the need for this.