So why not a blog mela

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I'm trying to play catch up with the blogosphere.. but it is difficult when I have 221 feeds in Bloglines. Actually, there were more but I'm trying to trim down my folders to a more manageable size.

I got bored of simply reading, so I decided to host my own blog mela :D, so here we go...


I think I better stop for tonight. Hopefully, I haven't violated any blog mela norms.


JD says:

I wish there was a warning at the door of Blogosphere.
"Warning: Blogosphere can get very addictive. Enter only if you have tons of free time."

Btw, thanks for the plug to my entry. I do not like Blog Melas because they lead to addition of new blogs in my already huge (with 237 feeds) blogroll!


P.S.: Spam Karma works great against comment spam. Have you tried it?

Swaroop C H says:

JD: I wish I had seen such a warning too :lol:

Regarding Spam Karma, yes, I was using it. One fine day, it suddenly stopped working. I tried changing every kind of setting but it simply died. One of these days, I am shifting to WP1.5, so until then, I've to stick with moderation (which btw, I'm not able to disable as well...!)

Swaroop C H says:

Hi Matthew, I _think_ 'rewriting' is what I heard but am not so sure now :) .. it would be good if KDE and GNOME made Python bindings an official part of the standard GNOME package, then we can automatically have more useful apps being written ; and yes, Aaron did a nice job of explaining the KDE community.

neelima says:

Being a non techi i dint understand a word in ur post:(((( but dropped by to say hello:) how r u doing:)

Vigvg says:

Thanks for the link love !! I think you said it really well.. "Vignesh TRIES to explain...". The keyword there being tries ;) Thanks dude !

Sudhir Parasuram says:

Gee, thanks for visiting and talking about my humor post on "designations in IT offices". Keep coming back to the blog for more !


Matthew Revell says:

I'm not sure we suggested the whole of Gnome and KDE should be rewritten in Python :) I think we concluded that there should be many opportunities for hackers to get involved, using their choice of language.

Glad you liked the Aaron interview. He did a great job of joining in with the show.