Yahoo 360

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It's official. Yahoo! has entered the blogosphere. Soon, you'll be blogging at :D . The integration is simply awesome. Having played with it, I think will face some real competition now.


Swaroop C H says:

Pradeep, I guess you'll just have to wait... I played with it about a couple of months ago (one of the benefits of being a Yahoo :mrgreen:) and I give it a thumbs-up :)

Swaroop C H says:

Ankit: Having your personal blog is always better but for most non-programmer kind of people, they just want to blog and don't want to bother about other details - sites like blogspot and soon 360 are simply great for that. Besides, 360 is useful to keep in touch with people you are already friends with because of the Y! network effect.

Swaroop C H says:

Yep, Flickr has been yahooed, Yahoo has been flickized... Yes, the circle (360 degrees) is complete... I am looking forward to some great stuff happening :)

Dilip says:

Nice to hear that ! Hey Yahoo! Bought Flickr also ? . Then that will make Yahoo 360 Complete.

ankit malik says:

Will stick to Wordpress unless it is REALLY REALLY AWESOME!

Pradeep says:

They are just asking you to sign up for the beta... (I did)
is there a demo site or something where I can see the thing in action?

angeline says:

is there ONE thing yahoo isn't part of??

Swaroop C H says:

It's not part of Mars yet, but I hear that the Martians like the yodel a lot :P :lol: