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Most music sites will work only on Windows and that too specifically IE - so I was glad to see that MusicIndiaOnline now works on Linux using the RealOne Player. Their FAQ answers about how to get it to work on Linux.

Btw, I really like this album by Om - The Fusion Band, especially the 'Maula' and 'Mohana' songs.

Its great that I get to hear these songs for free. Now that I have heard these songs and really like them, I can buy the cassette/CD from the music shop knowing that the money is well-spent. I usually have a good nose errr.... pair of ears for music but off late, I've bought a few cassettes which I'm sure I'm never gonna hear again.

Tip: Mepis Linux comes with RealOne installed. So I didn't have to do anything to get this working. It just worked out of the box. I like this so much that I want to say it again - 'It just works.'


Vigvg says:

You lucky non-firewalled people and your choices for music...

Swaroop C H says:

Yeah, I guess most companies out there have a tendency to believe that employees work better when they're tied down. Thank god I work in a company where they believe having fun and being in an open environment is important.

Swaroop C H says:

Anand: In bangalore-techie-speak, 'no firewall' means 'no blocking of sites (of any kind)' ;-)

Anand says:


Are you saying that Yahoo! has no firewall ? I will be surprised if it is so.
On the other hand it seems more realistic that you do have a firewall but it permits
online music protocols such as the ones RealOne uses.


Ankit Malik says:

Hmmm.... I do tend to find better since MIO doesn't work for me AT ALL :(

Somik Raha says:

Here's how to get MusicIndiaOnline working in your firewall.

Make your selection and open the player. Right click in the middle where the player display is located and view the frame source. Scroll all the way down and find the last link. That will look something like:

Open up Windows Media player and ensure your firewall settings at in place to use the HTTP protocol. (Tools->Options->Network - HTTP should be checked and configured to use the right proxy server and port)

Now, all you have to do is File->Open URL and paste in the link. It should start to stream. I am supposing this will work in an analogous manner in Linux as well.


priyesh says:

Is tere any way to download songs from RAAGA.COM????