Coming soon - Learn Python in German

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Lutz Horn, Bernd Hengelein and Christoph Zwerschke have volunteered and started to translate my Python beginner's book to German! The project is hosted at

If you know Python and German, you're most certainly welcome to join the translation as well. You can start just one page at a time! Please contact Lutz Horn (lutzhorn at or myself (swaroop at for more details.

Thanks to Lutz, Bernd and Christoph for taking up this effort! :)


Sriram says:

Hmm..Swaroop, why dont you make a few tweaks to the Y! database when no one is watching? ;-)

Swaroop C H says:

Sriram: somebody is **always** watching!! :lol:

Swaroop C H says:

:lol: Cool! But Yahoo still shows me as the third most famous Swaroop :( . I think it'll soon realize who's the most famous of them all :D

Btw, Swaroop R, your artwork is fabulous!

Swaroop R says:

Hi Swaroop ! ( My name too is Swaroop!!!)

I was just using google to find out the 'world's most famous Swaroop'

Opening Google and typing 'Swaroop' and pressing 'search

U happen to be the first famous,

and me ( ) , happen to be the second famous!

Praveen A says:

After seeing this comment I thought I'd also try out who is the most famouse praveen in the world.

OOPS!!!!!!!!! It was me!!!!!!

[try this]
PS: Hey dude now we are the world's most famouse ppls :-) You are most famouse 'Swaroop' and me most famouse 'Praveen'

pradeep says:

I'm the most famous Pradeep in the world...
Hmm... This is good :)
a lot of world famous personalities..

Pradeep says:

I someone *else* is watching too...

Oh! Yahoo! must be catching up now a days..
I dont know whether this is a good news or not...

Earlier, the 'Evil-Eye', watching EVERYTHING, was google...

Swaroop C H says:

Pradeep: Yes, Y! Search is *really* catching up nowadays. I am amazed myself at its progress. This is definitely good news. Competition makes everyone perform better.