Choose Python

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I have printed this 'Choose Python' poster (by Tim Lesher) and proudly posted it in my cubicle.

Oh, and as JD commented, I am brainwashing myself to say "Solutions matter. Don't focus on anything else. Solutions matter."

P.S. My Python category feed was added to PlanetPython. Thanks Ryan! ... this will be first post showing up on it, so a big hi from me to all you PlanetPythonistas :)


Pramod says:

Yeah..even I strongly believe in getting the solution working, rather than being religious about the technology - but then, the latter is so seductive ;)

Swaroop C H says:

Pramod, I agree, I totally agree!

JD says:

That's called technolust! And you are not geek if you don't experience technolust from time to time! :)