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We, the Yahoos, are leaving for MGM Beach Resort in Chennai tonight to celebrate our Year End Party tomorrow! Lot of things to look forward to - games, beach, skits, music, cocktails, disco, antakshari in the bus, lots of fun!!

I'll be back on Saturday night with lots to update and photos as well (after all, I have to make full use of my new digicam :) )


Deepak says:

Hi Swaroop, thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great time at your year end party!

Swaroop says:

Sorry Sriram! I really wanted to stay for the weekend in Chennai and meet my closest buddy - Sudheer who had shifted to Chennai but I had to get back to Bangalore to prepare for my LB talk... I plan to come sometime in the coming months, looking forward to meeting you then!

Btw, technically I was never _in_ Chennai, I was at the resort the whole time ;)

Sriram says: were in Chennai and didn't attempt to call me?