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I'm doing a late-nighter at work today... so I thought of listening to some music while doing the hackathon, but I've got bored of the ones on my hard disk. So, how about internet radio? Well, I switched to FC2 on my office box, so I can't use Yahoo Messenger 6 Launchcast radio, but wait, there is an alternative, Shoutcast! So, I go there, click on one of the stations that suits me and listen to great songs in XMMS! Now, ain't that nice? (And yes, you can use Winamp too :-) )

And... thanks to the IPv6 disabling tip, browsing is now several times faster on Fedora!


Jeffrey Hicks says:

I'm a big fan of LaunchCast. I actually wrote a LaunchCast-python Eye-wink web service that blog owners can plug into their site with a simple HTML snippit.

Some LaunchCast bigwig at Yahoo Eye-wink even commented on its coolness.

It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out

Swaroop says:

Hey Jeffrey,

That's really great man! All I can say is, damn, why didn't I think of that? ;) heh heh, just kidding, but that's a really nice way of showing off your taste in music :)

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