I got GMail

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Marcie Robillard was running a contest where the most creative requests would get GMail invites! I sent one of my 'dynamically typed' poems praising her ;-0 ... but I was disappointed to not get any GMail Invites from Marcie.

But when she got more GMail invites, she sent them to the runners-up of the contest, which apparently I am also. :-)

GMail rocks!! I like it already, especially the conversations.. I'm looking forward to blog more about my GMail experiences.


Srikanth says:

Cool man. i can get a first hand review abt gmail. how is it??

Swaroop says:

The keyboard shortcuts, the conversations, the stars, the Archive button .... they are all great! But it still needs some work, understandable, coz it's beta!

Sandeep Hebbar says:

Cool man ...gmail invite...rediff is offering 1gb of space...too...and yahoo is now 100 mb.
R they giving you pop access..

Sandeep Hebbar
BMS 8th Sem CS

Sridhar says:

Also don't miss this

and search for gtray gmail notifier