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As Forrest Gump's mom says "Life's like a box of chocolates - you never know what you gonna get"... You want to find out right now but you just can't yet... There's always a mystery... about my future and my history... On what could be and what could have been... But as far I've seen... There will be ups and downs... There will be smiles and frowns... There will be work and there will be fun... There will be struggles lost and won... I wanna live life to the fullest... I have this incredible zest... So much to do and so much to see... I invite you, my friend, to join me in this journey...

  • 'The G2' Swaroop


Pradeep says:

My system at office is called "Forrest"
and one at home "Gump"
Well, should call my other system as "Mom" perhaps!! ;) or "Chocolates"!

vineetha says:

Good job! Quite diff. from the rhyming ones u wrote. Keep it up!

Swaroop C H says:

Thanks Vini. I was surprised to see your first ever comment on my blog :)