I want GMail

less than 1 minute read

ExtremeTech previews GMail beta. I want an account too! :-(


akutenshi says:

If anyone wants Gmail, just E-mail me with your name and say that you want one.
akutenshi atta gmail dot com

cory stuart says:

How's it going? If you've got spare gmail invites, I'd love one!!! corystuart@hotmail.com

Swaroop says:

Hey Cory, I have sent a GMail invite for you. Make sure the invite doesn't end up in the spam folder ;)

I have 4 more GMail invites. Anybody else want it?

Debbie says:

Hey there.. How are ya? If you have any left would it still be possible to get one?
Debbie boopgirl58@yahoo.ca :)

Swaroop says:

Hey Debbie, a GMail invite is on the way for you :)


akutenshi says:

They have all expired, so I am no longer giving out invites.

hydrosl20 says:

hi there

would love a gmail invite

thank you

Swaroop says:

Hi hydrosl20, my last GMail invite is on the way for you. Check your inbox and maybe even spam box (depends on hotmail).

- Swaroop