Midnight Escapade

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We were just cruisin' at midnight and we want to do more. A few minutes later, we had decided to go to Nandi hills to see the sunrise! This was just so much fun. I feel this much fun should be banned!

I've put up a writeup as well as lots of photos on the Nandi hills page!

Waiting to see your comments... :-)

Update: I have added Subhojit's write-up about our escapade as well!


yogesh g s says:

u have gone mad swaroop.. wht a time to go..any way u wud have enjoyed a lot .. good..
so nice, i was reading ur story.. i believe its a different experience to go to nandi hills in tht fashion.
ur sense of humour is wht i like the most .. too good man..like
'Then, we went to Tipu's drop - this is a suicide point. I was aghast on how people actually come here to do that sort of thing - it was so scary! Besides, I thought Bangalore traffic was enough for such things ;) '