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I wish Ubuntu focused on Android

17 Feb 2012

Update on 02-Sep-2013 : KDE Connect seems promising!

Update on 21-Feb-2012 : Looks like Canonical had the same idea!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUXUjjg9qQ0&w=500&h=281]

Instead of Canonical trying to tinker with the UI of Ubuntu Desktop Linux, I really wish they thought differentlyâ„¢ instead.

I find iPhone incredibly easy to use because of iTunes. Regardless of your feelings about iTunes, I find it an indispensable software and have been constantly wishing there was something similar for Android.

That's my wish for Ubuntu's direction - instead of trying to reinvent the UI, simply focus on integrating Android with Ubuntu, so much so that if you're an Android user, you'll be tempted to switch to Ubuntu because it makes life so easy.

For example:

If a high build-quality laptop came supported with Ubuntu (there is a list of crowdsourced recommendations but none that you could depend on, it's your guess and fate on whether all the hardware works well with Ubuntu) + an Ubuntu that works super-well with Android, then I would love to eventually switch away from Mac and iPhone to an open source Ubuntu and Android combination.

Benefits include:

  1. Open source benefits, as well as makes future of open source platforms more brighter rather than next generation assuming closed platforms where you can run apps is how it always has been as opposed to having a fully hackable environment
  2. To protect myself against future lockdowns - when I heard of Cory Doctorow talk about the coming war on general purpose computation, I thought he was being too negative and then Apple announced a lockdown of apps for OS X Mountain Lion amongst other AppStore sandboxing issues. Sigh.
  3. As a developer, I'm already highly dependent on Ubuntu server edition, would make it neat to use it on the desktop as well.
  4. This makes it super-easy to transition someone to Ubuntu since it works well with their phone which they rely so much on already, and since the data is suddenly available on the desktop as well, the fear of the unknown reduces and they become more open to trying out a new OS.
  5. I can finally have a usable Android phone.

P.S. Another random thought - An Ubuntu laptop that comes with a SIM card slot built-in so that I can put in a SIM card and will have internet always-on, just like an iPad.

Update : Submitted as Brainstorm Idea #29231.


kingof9x says:

I think you are on to something here.

I would like to see ubuntu used instead of an unknown linux flavor in products like the atrix4g's laptop dock.

jim says:

Good dam idea

barun says:

fantastic idea sir.....more android phone activation - greater inclination to ubuntu - and hence awesomely increased numbers of developers dedicated to the open source community.....bringing in a better future for us.

Swaroop says:

@kingof9x @jim @barun Thanks for your thoughts, I hope you've checked out the new Ubuntu for Android, link added to the top of the post!

Sandeep Mishra says:

great idea...android phone and 3G has been became most hot topic now


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