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Book Review - Start-up Nation story of Israel

21 Dec 2011

I read the "Start-up Nation" book last week. This book was so engrossing that I read it within 2 days, keeping aside everything else.

After reading this book, I started seeing the patterns about Israel being high tech hotspot, for example consider just two pieces of news in the last 3-4 days: Apple buying Anobit, an Israeli company, for $500 million as well as building a research center in Israel and Cornell won the bid to build a university in New York city... in collaboration with Technion university of Israel.

What is important

This book taught me the importance and inter-play of:

To highlight in a bit more detail, I have picked a few quotes and insights from each chapter:

0. Introduction

1. Persistence

2. Battlefield Entrepreneurs

3. The People of The Book

4. Harvard, Princeton and Yale

5. Where Order Meets Chaos

6. An Industrial Policy That Worked

7. Immigration

8. The Diaspora

9. The Buffett Test

10. Yozma

11. Betrayal and Opportunity

12. From Nose Cones to Geysers

13. The Sheikh's Dilemma

14. Threats to the Economic Miracle

15. Conclusion


This book has been instrumental in illuminating my mind about nation-building, about why startups are essential to a nation's survival going forward and how much of a role the ecosystem plays.

I have been liberal in taking quotes from the book, but believe me, I haven't even covered half the book in these quotes, so please do go read the book now!

I have to mention a special thanks to Sameer Guglani for recommending this book to me. I can already see that the "Morpheus gang" has the seeds of a cluster.

Update on 29-Dec-2011: See this article on why one VC has the opinion that Chile is not a great startup place - the interesting part is how culture of the country plays a big role in the entrepreneurialism of its residents.

Update on 12-Jan-2012: Many more hubs being kickstarted and hope to thrive : Las Vegas 'Downtown Project', Startup Chile, Tech City in East London.

Update on 22-Jan-2012: A very interested article by New York Times titled "How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work - Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class".


suhail says:

That was an awesome article, you got me excited, the books not there at crossword.in, but found it on flipkart http://bit.ly/u6Z7OF

sarvajeet bodas says:

Thank you for recommending such a good book. When everyone work together, great thing can happen.

@guglanisam says:

@swaroopch good review & very fast :-)

Himanshu Sheth says:

Thanks Swaroop for this wonderful review. Ordered the book from Flipkart !!!

- Himanshu

@ravi_mohan says:

Great Review of "Startup Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle" By @swaroopch http://t.co/UhzVlI9l . Ordered.

Harsha says:

Fascinating article

Swaroop says:

@Suhail @Sarvajeet @Himanshu @Ravi @Harsha : Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the review and hope you enjoy reading the book!

@Sameer : Thanks for recommending the book!

Musthafa Ullal says:

Thanks for the review of this awesome book. Inspirational.

Swaroop says:

@Musthafa Thanks!


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