How to get funding from Government of India

Posted by Swaroop C H on March 12, 2010 Filed under: business, india, meet, startup, talk

I will be speaking in a panel at the HeadStart Conference, Hyderabad today regarding what is the funding that was granted by the Govt. of India to my ex-startup, and how you can apply.

HeadStart Panel agenda


Kartik says:

Hi , sir.
Very pleased to visit your blog the first of all.. got a link of your project from another blog & co-incidently came to know about this splendid idea!!
Can I have more information on this ? As we are the VOIP solutions providers & we do have many creative ideas , as we are seeing the VOIP as the revolutionary & very potantial telephony..... but what we are laking is only the fundings .. We are getting lots of queries for different kind of projects , from all over the world as we used to participate in many conferences across the asia for last 2-3 years.We enquired VCs also for this . But I personally got interested in this idea as we do have many plan that can serve our country for sake of good governance..

So , we are looking for some sort of detailed info on this.. As I just have come to know about this , I wont be able to attend the conference.Can I have some more details on this ?

Thanks ,
Setu Infocom.

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Swaroop says:

@Kartik You will find all the information in the presentation above, please email me if you have further questions.


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