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A few statistics about India

19 Jun 2009

From President’s speech in 2007:

From Tracking The Growth of India’s Middle Class:

From "Tainted money" by Devinder Sharma:

From Atanu Dey :

From Shashi Tharoor :

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


Ankesh Kothari says:

I have a feeling - that we will see a more than 7-8% growth rate. I'm not too sure that we'll have a consistent linear growth.

Lets see if we can't make India the 2nd or 3rd largest consumer economy in the enxt 20 years...

Swaroop says:

@Ankesh I agree. But I still feel we will be much better off by improving the other statistics that I have mentioned, and maybe even the gross national happiness :)

Prakash says:

great statistics!
//Anything that you say about India, the opposite is also true:----
thats because we have the system which accumulates money/power to some people, industries and jobs to some regions which really take away the fact of inclusive growth. Decentralization of the powers in economic and social areas will really lead us to the best tomorrow! We must see the growing human population as growing human resource for innovation, production and services [prioritizing from start to end]. May be we will have a consistent statistics then!


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