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Internet usage in India

03 Nov 2008

Every startup needs to do some market research while working on their next big idea. And part of this market research is looking at demographic and economic data to find out the size of your target audience.

For most of those who are reading this, the audience probably is people who use computers. Now, how do we find out such numbers? That's where the Internet and Mobile Association of India steps in with their "Internet in India 2007" report (PDF).

Some of the high-level overviews from that report:


These are very interesting numbers. I wonder how they compare with the growth graphs of Internet-advanced countries such as USA or Japan.

The IAMAI have many more interesting reports on topics such as Online Banner Advertising Market in India, Consumer E-commerce Market in India, Online Gaming in India, Mobile Value Added Services in India, and so on.


Girish says:

Wow Swaroop...
Internet is slowing becoming part and parcel of life....
Nice info...


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