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How to handle information overload

13 May 2008

Philipp Lenssen recently had a good post on tips on information overload by various people. It got me thinking about the various tips and tricks I've imbibed in the recent past and which work reasonably well for me. So I tried to collate them into one place:





P.S. Many of these ideas have been borrowed from elsewhere. It's been a long time since I imbibed all these, so I don't remember all the sources from which I gleaned them.


Azmi Ahmad says:

An interesting blog I read the other day:

Lakshman says:

Very well said. Most of these are some things I ve been telling myself too. I feel organized.

Lekhni says:

Very useful advice..I really liked the "Try before you buy" feed folder idea. But not check emails obsessively? That is going to take some time to do ;)

Handling Info overload | DesiPundit says:

[...] your feed reader, tons of pending work and a general feeling of being buried under too much info?  Swaroop comes to your rescue with some really great [...]

Arvind says:

Takeaways: 1) Optimize, don't maximise, 2)Try Before you buy

Thanks - will be sharing this with my friends.

Swaroop says:

@Lekhni Very true... I'm still working on it too. But its good to have a hierarchy of urgency. For example, phone calls are urgent, emails are not, and so on.

@Arvind :)


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