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Web Innovation 2007 Day 2

20 Dec 2007

Yesterday, I attended Day 2 of the Web Innovation 2007 conference.

The irony to note is that the conference website is so NOT Web 2.0. For example, where are the slides that people can download? These guys can learn a thing or two from the foss.in website and conference. Again, for a web innovation conference, why is there no wifi? How are you supposed to access the websites?

On the other hand, this conference has been surprising to me in the sense that it actually turned out to be interesting. I think the quality of people who have come to speak here is high and that's probably because these people are high up in the decision-making chain and they have come to talk about what they do best - websites and business.

Of course, the other half of the speakers are doing just boring sales pitches but that didn't deter the audience from asking tough questions and seeking their value from it. They even directly questioned how their company lives up to what was described in the presentation.

Web Innovation 2007 1

Continuing Day 1's trend, here are the transcribed notes:

Web Innovation 2007 3

Lots of food for thought here.

Point to note for wannabe-entrepreneurs : Really think about what is the value that you are giving to people. Relatedly, I liked the 'stadium' analogy by Sandeep yesterday.

P.S. Cold weather + Cold AC + irritated throat + cough + slight fever + just out of horrible traffic + rain = bad.


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